Python shell history

  If you’re not a fan of enhanced Python interpreters like IPython or BPython but still do heavy use of it you might have notice how annoying it could get whenever you have to quit it, started again, and remember what was the last things you ran. I do this all the time, usually for… Continue reading Python shell history

Startups of Puerto Rico Platform

Two months ago I opened an issue for CAP-0003 proposing to execute a platform to contain what I’ve been able to identify as useful tools for the Startups of Puerto Rico community. A couple of people showed interest and a conversation was immediately started to discuss it in more details. About a month ago I got… Continue reading Startups of Puerto Rico Platform

Blimp en Luz De A’lante

Autofinanciado por tres jóvenes puertorriqueños, Blimp ha llevado su sistema de gerencia de proyectos a más de 8,000 usuarios en más de 100 países. ¿Como lo han logrado?

Being a self-starter

I spent the last 4 and a half years getting my Bachelors degree in Computer Science. Throughout those years I worked on different things ranging from small personal projects, with small to medium size companies, government, and co-founding Blimp. I accomplished all of these because 4 years before I began college I decided to I… Continue reading Being a self-starter