About Me

I’m José Padilla. I’m a software developer, hacker, and entrepreneur from Puerto Rico. I currently live in Connecticut with my wife and miniature dachshund.

In 2011, I co-founded Blimp with Giovanni Collazo. During this time we spent some time helping customers build ambitious projects and built some real cool products of our own like:

Blimp / Projects: a team collaboration project centered around tasks

FilePreviews: an API that produces beautiful previews, optical character recognition and metadata from any file.

Gasolina Móvil: a mobile app that helps consumers pay at the pump in gas stations using their phones. This app later became the first product of Alias Payments, a company I co-founded with Arnaldo Rivera and Giovanni.

I’m currently a software engineer at Auth0.

GPG Key: 9A11 1405 B554 34E2