Installing pdfium in Mac OS

TIL: How to install pdfium in Mac OS using the pre-compiled binaries provided by

Twitter Account Suspended

I woke up on June 16th to an email from Twitter stating that they had suspended my Twitter account. It stated that my account had been suspended for violating the Twitter Rules against posting violent threats. I knew I hadn’t personally made those tweets. I immediately thought my account had been compromised even though I… Continue reading Twitter Account Suspended

Figuring out the home network

After moving in to our new home ?, one of the first things I did was sign up for gigabit internet from @GoNetspeed. The ONT is in a corner down in our basement and my office is in the second floor at the opposite side. Follow me as I figure shit out…

Podcast: DjangoChat Ep. 45

Back in November I was invited to DjangoChat to talk about my contributions to the Django ecosystem. We talked about how I got started contributing to Django REST Framework and other open source projects, my work on Blimp and FilePreviews, authentication, and my current role at Auth0.

Talk: Python, Government, and Contracts

Today, Froilán and I gave this talk at PyGotham 2019. Video Other links: Photo by Jennifer Chen on Unsplash