Startups of Puerto Rico Platform


Two months ago I opened an issue for CAP-0003 proposing to execute a platform to contain what I’ve been able to identify as useful tools for the Startups of Puerto Rico community.

A couple of people showed interest and a conversation was immediately started to discuss it in more details. About a month ago I got together with Ryan Oliver and decided we would start working on an MVP v0.1 that we would just put out there by the end of summer.

About 200+ commits later, I’m proud to announce that we’ve reached our goal and are launching v0.1. We decided to start with the two easiest features, a directory of startups and a directory of creative talent. The basic idea with these two directories is to showcase, which startups are hiring, and who’s looking to be hired.


This is just the beginning and we’re only getting started. We already have something of a roadmap of the next things we want to get to. Some of those are a directory of all the groups out there(Startup After Hours, prPIG, Founding Founders, etc…), aggregated calendar of events, and a directory of resources to showcase available resources for the community. We also have some enhancements thought out for the existing features.

We need you your help


Here’s what we need from you. Go to and signup, and if you’re working on a startup, create a startup profile. If by any chance you’re working with more people on your startup check beforehand to see if they haven’t added it yet. You’ll be able to add a team to your startup soon! We know this isn’t much yet, but it’ll help us get data in there. Once you finish that, we need your feedback. Tell us what you like and what you don’t, what you think about the roadmap, style, copy, etc… You can also help out by sharing the project with the whole community.

You can send a pull request with any changes you’d like to suggest directly to the repo or send me an email. We are managing the project with Blimp so if anyone wants a closer look at what we’re currently doing and want to get your hands dirty, feel free to send me your email and I’ll invite you in.

Huge thanks to Ryan, Jonah, Axel, Omar, Giovanni, and everyone who helped put this together one way or another. We are all in this together!