My talk on JSON Web Tokens at DjangoCon US 2014

I had a great time at DjangoCon US 2014. Lots of first times.

  1. First time at DjangoCon
  2. First time speaking at DjangoCon
  3. First time speaking in front of “large” crowd.
  4. First time visiting the west coast
  5. First time visiting Portland

Special thanks to Blimp for enabling me to do this. Thanks to the DSF’s grant which made the trip financially possible. Thanks Froi and Sasha for coming along, all the support, and making the trip way more fun.

Last but not least thanks to my beautiful fiancée, Ana, for always supporting me and still loving me even though I missed her birthday for the first time because of this trip.

Here’s the video

You can find the slides on Speaker Deck.

We also got a few attendees to help us write down some notes during the event. Check them out.

There also a couple photos I took of the whole trip on Facebook.