Django REST framework Sprint at DjangoCon US 2014


This’ll be my first time attending and speaking at DjangoCon US. I’ll be talking about JSON Web Tokens, Django, and Django REST Framework.

I’ve been talking about working on a Sprint for Django REST Framework with Tom Christie on Twitter. Tom pointed out a list of decent candidates to work on if we get some people together. We’ll have a tagged list of obvious bug candidates before the sprint. He’s also planning on helping us out remotely those days.

It seems like a great idea to celebrate the successful Django REST framework 3 campaign on Kickstarter and with the timing of DjangoCon, “kickstart” the development of upcoming versions.

So, I’m recruiting anyone who’d be interested and available in working together. Everyone’s welcome to join in – if you use Django REST framework and would like to become more familiar with its internals while working together with other developers with various levels of expertise. Sprints will be held Friday and Saturday Sep 5-6.

If you’re interested please send me an email so we can start getting organized. If you know someone who might be interested please share this with them.


Issues have been tagged and include a brief description of how to progress the ticket for the sprint.