The Hacker and Designer News Newsletter


After recently building a scraper and web API for The News, I thought  it’d be a cool idea to use that data somehow. First thing that came to mind was to build a newsletter. And so The Hacker and Designer News Newsletter was built.


Every week I’ll send a newsletter with a curated recap of the week’s best articles from Hacker News and Designer News on startups, entrepreneurship, hacks, programming, design, and more. Something I may consider for the new future is allowing people to subscribe to a simple and shorter daily recap.



I’ll add your logo, copy, and a link in the top of the newsletter. If you’re interested in sponsoring this newsletter, feel free to send me an email to: [email protected].

Technical stuff

This time I didn’t take advantage of The News and decided to build a new system to collect and aggregate posts from Hacker News using HNSearch and from Designer News using a scraper. HNSearch has a niftee RSS feed that works beautifully and has all the available data. Designer News, on the other hand, has some inconsistency with the data available in the RSS and JSON feeds, so the only way to fetch all the data I wanted was by scraping their site.

Example response data format:

The project/hack is available in GitHub. Star, Watch, Fork at