Vagrant VM for StatsD + Graphite


StatsD is this little awesome network daemon built by Etsy used to aggregate stats like counters and timers to a pluggable backend service like Graphite. You can read more about how it works on Etsy’s Measure Anything, Measure Everything blog post.

Since I’ve been already playing around with Vagrant and Chef I decided to just put together a simple Vagrant VM for StatsD and Graphite with the help of @hectcastro’s graphite, statsd, and node.js cookbooks.

To get started

First, clone the repo from GitHub. You’ll also need to have Vagrant and the librarian gem installed.

$ librarian-chef install
$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh


Graphite’s credentials default to username root and password root.

$ open http://localhost:8080

StatsD with Python

You can use a client for Python like statsd.

from statsd import StatsClient
statsd = StatsClient()