Looking backward and forward

2016 was with no doubt an eventful year for many. On March 12th, I married my high school sweetheart. We’d been together for around 9 years and engaged for like 4 of those. Best day ever. During the last quarter of 2015, we cofounded Alias Payments to build Gasolina Móvil. We became part of Parallel18′s first […]

Upload files to S3 and generate previews using Laravel

I recently put together a PHP client library for FilePreviews and immediately thought about putting together a blog post on how I’d use it. After 6 years, according to this repo, of not writing a single line of PHP, I looked into Laravel since it seems to be the rave these days. Alright, let’s get to […]

Mako & Oliver

Three weeks ago today, on an unfortunate accident, Mako my 6 year old Siberian Husky escaped from home, and we noticed just a couple of hours later. After endless hours, driving around different possible routes, talking to people, calling out his name, posting hundreds of flyers, hundreds of people sharing on Facebook and Twitter, we […]